Yo Bride

A friend from New York beseeched me to crash a big fancy Cuban wedding at the Casa Marina Hotel last night. And I considered it, but as the time approached I chickened out. Later on, predictably, I was to be found on the dance floor of the Green Parrot, the greatest bar in the history of bars, where a powerful band of Latin brothers from Miami were entertaining.

Gradually I noticed that in amongst the crowd were men in white jackets and ladies in vintage this and that and looking very glamorous, and a bride, all rocking out alongside myself on the tiny sticky dance floor.

The bride begged to be allowed to bust out one song, to which the lead singer replied, a little snarkily, “The bride says she is a professional singer. Well so am I!” He made her wait but then finally acquiesced, calling her up to the stage, with, “Yo Bride!”



6 thoughts on “Yo Bride

  1. So you ended up at the wedding reception anyway and avoided having to get a prezzie – Good Call !!!!!!

    As for the Poultry – I implore the Key Westers to KILL KILL KILL !!! And make that Delicious Soup.


  2. When my daughter was in high school, back in the mid-80s, she bought a gecco and called it Kalibanos after Raul Julia’s character in the 1982 movie “Tempest.” It was about 18″ long and actually pretty, gray with coral spots. Kalibanos lived behind the radiator in her bedroom and came out at night. Its suction-cup toes allowed it to scamper up the wall behind my daughter’s bed. During Kalibanos’ first night, our cat, DiDi, heard it and went to investigate. When DiDi went after the gecco, the gecco went after DiDi and clamped down on the cat and locked its jaws in a death grip on DiDi. This caused both the cat to scream and the gecco to ‘bark,’ which awakened our daughter who proceeded to scream DIDI IS KILLING KALIBANOS! That was the night that my husband discovered that geccos have very sharp teeth, so they have to be handled with leather gloves.

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