Candace Bushnell Wrecked my Marriage

It’s true, Candace Bushnell wrecked my second marriage. Yes, that Candace Bushnell, of Sex and the City fame.

This was a handful of years ago in the wilds of New York City. I was six months into my second marriage when the husband, whose name I cannot recall, declared his intentions on attending a concert, and would I care to join?

I love music, but to me, and my eighteenth century upbringing, a concert is a man on spinet and a lady on harp. As a child, when left alone, I spun Schubert and Tubular Bells. While the second husband loved music as much I our tastes did not mesh. I learned this the first time I attended a concert of his absolute favorite band.


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  1. I intended to post that on Friday night is already Sunday : (. Now it will be lost in your new adventure Christina.

    : )

  2. Okay ladies, (Monty, Christina)
    I want to share a story. My father passed away last winter(Please ..none of the obligatory)so I have spent more time than usual this past year reflecting on my childhood.

    Several months ago a FB Friend asked if we could we quantify a lesson that we had learned from our fathers.

    I shared this story.

    Preface: When I was a child my father used to drink. He usually only drank on his days off from work (He worked security at Fulton State Hospital) and he spent many of those days off hunting or fishing but drank on quite a few as well. He had company over and there were 3 or 4 men sitting at the picnic table(we had picnic table the dining room for awhile). He called me over to sit on his lap. I knew that the gap between 1-4 beers was short and this was the time to get a Dollar or two out of him. I was a little embarrassed to sit on his lap in front of the men but it was worth a likely payoff. I can’t remember my age from 7-9 I will say.

    He said “son” while looking fondly at me as I sat on his lap. “I would like you to have all of the things in life that I did not have as a child” All the men were silent but had small grins of anticipation.
    I was thinking “ I getting a dollar or not?”
    “Because I want you to have these things I am asking you if there is anything that you want”? He spoke.
    I did not get over excited as I had been duped before(we had all been the butt of one anther’s “play”.
    I sat there and just looked. Waiting for the punchline.
    He said. “Is there anything particular that you have really wanted?”

    So I blurted out “Yeah, a bike.”
    He made the guys wait. He looked fondly at me but with a little grin.
    “Well son, I had one of those.”

    They all burst out laughing. I just sat. I really felt nothing.
    I walked off realizing that I had no clue what was so funny.

    A few weeks later while alone it struck me and I began to laugh. Really laugh.

    When I told this story I received little reaction but mostly exasperation and words of “cruelty”.

    I look fondly at that memory. His sense of humor is one of the few thing that I seemed to fully understand about the man I call my father.

    How did I miss my mark with my FB friends? 🙂


    I hope don’t mind Christina..was not sure where I could post so Monty could read it as well:)

  3. Dave and Monty you are honorary blog cohosts! I love to read your exchanges. Welcome to the woolgathering & keep the dialogue bubbling along. Thank you for the excellent entertainment. Ox

  4. I meant that I am also a fan of yours Monty. You also possess the main qualities that I admire. Sincerity with a dash of insanity: )

  5. Backing off so quickly Monty?

    I am not sure that there is any better adoration than from afar.

    Forbidden love? Anyone with a trace of sentimentality would trade all of their Earthly possessions just for a taste.

    I think that we have succeeded in temporarily hijacking her blog.

    What you say Christina?


  6. The one unbreakable bond that you and I have – Dave – is that we are both fans and friends of Christina’s. This shows that we have excellent taste, but we should also remember that it is her blog and we must not hijack it with our Forbidden Love!

    So, I will adore you from afar Dearest Dave, whilst we continue to worship at the feet of The Great Ox. xx

  7. Monty I am not one that scares easily 🙂 But procrastination ( I like to think of it as quiet reflection:p) does grip me often. Even the newest gadget, that I chance upon, may gather dust while I contemplate better and better ways to enjoy it.

    I have surmised that I no longer have anything worthwhile to learn from the sane or insincere.

    I am already a fan Monty.


  8. Monty you did lose one point for being desperate enough to even consider me suitable. But I have a generous grading system.

    Come on it is only Wednesday ladies:)


  9. I hope I that I am not now ruining it 😀

    Closer to the truth is that: Mediocrity almost always comes from certainty.

    I am just glad to find people that keep up 🙂


  10. I am not going to share my exciting adventure (maybe save it for my blog .. I am actually laughing at that the thought of sharing that information) but I found a few hours away from the computer while still managing to enjoy myself:)

    Yes, Monty, I too would be interested to read the tales of a DESPERATE Hovel Dwelling Hag (I even put each word in caps/the title of your blog 🙂 Christina you did somewhat inspire me. My wheels are turning on it again. Perhaps even I could churn out 500 words a week (but I am still not sure….so if in person I would still be giving you an exaggerated bow right now Christina).

    I have already checked several times and even made changes…see it is already changing my forum manners(was going to write forum decorum ..perhaps it popped in your head as am checking for errors…and each time I check I find more so I will quit(checking).

    Y’all be good 😉


  11. Au contraire, my chere Monty, I live vicariously through y’all.

    And yes, I’d follow y’all’s writings. Glad to. In the meantime I love foster and encourage the flirty banter. Keep it up!

    Mi blog site, Su blog site… as they say


  12. Hey Babe! The truth is that you want me and Dave to have our own blogs because we are dragging your sophisticated one into the murky depths of online dating/flirting.

    We ain’t going nowhere! You just have to accept that many of your diehard fans are sad and pathetic undateables, hanging on your every word and living their life through you.


  13. I am loving the banter, sorry I missed the moment! Yes Dave I too will read your blog if and when. Oh, and Monty, you should be writing, tell the world about a day in the life of Desperate Hag in a Hovel!! We want to know!! I would read both of you if/when you start up some blogs. Get at it!

  14. Defo Dave! I will follow you to the ends of the Earth – you’re a man aren’t you? And I’m what’s known in the Trade as DESPERATE.


  15. Well that certainly could be interpreted the wrong way:) ..although it was not intended. I use certainty then certainly.

    I do take it as a compliment 🙂

    So if I start a blog perhaps you will follow Christina, Monty?


  16. Sweet and witty and an absolute joy to read. I agree with Dave and wish it had been more scandalous too, but she is a dear friend and I’m sure you want to keep it that way.

    Personally, I would happily trash and dish the dirt on everyone I know, but that is probably why I’m a lonely old Hag living in a Hovel !!!!!

  17. And Dave, yes, I did consider cutting that line about the ribbon music… how did you know? I wasn’t convinced my meaning was clear enough… but decided I liked it anyway… You are obviously a writer too, me thinks!

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