Of Mice and Men

In a club after midnight. Men in tight jeans and serious demeanors skulk and track with great intent. Eyes trolling the clusters of young women on towering sculptures and with firm asses encased in micro miniskirts. Everyone clutching drinks. Everyone posing and hunting and overtly behaving covertly. And some of them will get lucky. One couple gets lucky right in front of me, seated nearby on the dark, slightly sticky pleather banquette. She is sitting on him, and they are kissing passionately and with her legs across his lap, neatly crossed at the ankle, one cheek is visible, creeping forth from the hem of the micro skirt.



3 thoughts on “Of Mice and Men

  1. Perhaps you and they are right(Monty)but I do like lemonade. On one occasion, I was already around 16 by this time dad had a friend over and asked me to bring them both a glass of tea. He said bring one small glass and one large glass. I decided to make two large glasses of tea. I knew that he would say “but I wanted one small glass.” He did say just that. But what I had intended to do in front of his male friend was to drink half of one glass then hand it to him and say “oh..okay here you go”….but I chickened out at the last second and apologized.

    Later I told him what I planned..he said I should have done it. I did not know the man who was visiting and his reaction so then I was not sure of Dad’s reaction.

    Since I have thought about it often since I wrote that a few months ago…I think maybe now:

    Had it been only the way I remember it I would have drank that half glass of tea. If it were perhaps only the way that some people see from the outside I would have never even plotted such a prank.

    So perhaps we are all right 🙂

    Jeffrey….she was seated?!?! HMM…wonder why I still envisioned firm as if I could still see : o

  2. Of Mice and Men – was that the Green Parrot? Reference to “club” made me think naught. The piece reminded me that I haven’t been in a fun bar or club since the beginning of time. I spent way too much time puzzling over exactly how the woman in the pleather banquette was seated.

  3. Your FB friends were right Dave – it was cruel of your Dad – as it always is when you laugh AT someone as opposed to WITH someone. It’s sad when you realise that so many parents get enjoyment from making their children squirm in one way or another.

    You clever boy in gleaning that I am indeed a member of the Deadly Female of the Species. I chose the pseudonym Monty because one of my favourite films is Withnail & I. In it is a brilliantly eccentric character called Uncle Monty – played by the late, great, incredibly sweet Richard Griffiths. It doesn’t matter how many times I see it, it always has me rolling about with laughter.

    You are also right in grasping that I can only read your missives on this page. I am an intensely private person and loathe all aspects of social media sites.

    As to you my dearest and Oldest Pal – it’s clear that you can find Rodents inside and outside a nightclub. If you think that Dave and I have taken over your blog – it’s your own fault you naughty thing. You have encouraged it.

    We are the double-headed monster of your own making – Madam Frankenstein. xxxxxxxxxxx

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