Tales from the Land of Nod

Last night I went to a dinner party, somewhere up the Keys. The liquor flowed and a fresh batch of hash cookies were passed around, (I declined) and then some of the guests volunteered anecdotes.

One lady told about how, and a long night at the house of a friend where they inflicted upon their own persons copious cocaine abuse. At the end of the very long night she swallowed a sleeping pill and laid herself down on her bed to begin to end the raucous soiree, except the sleeping pill had a strange effect and although she did fall asleep she also began to walk around the house. First thing she did was to snort up the remainder of the cocaine and then made her way to the drinks cupboard where she selected some shot glasses, and gave them all a sound telling off, admonishing with a stiff finger, before she threw them out a window.



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