Speaking of Blood on my Hands

Speaking of Blood on my Hands…

I love true crime shows. When I settled down to watch another episode of The Bride Wore Blood and the narrator said ‘some of this material might be disturbing to some viewers’, I thought, “It bloody well better be disturbing, ha ha!”

Here on the paradisiacal coral rock island that is Key West we have three times the amount of crime than in the rest of the country. Shocking statistics reveal there are three times the aggravated assaults and three times the amount of rapes, almost all of which are perpetrated on tourists, around 4am as they wobble and weave their inebriated selves back to their hotel rooms. For the repeat offender predator these easy pickings are irresistible.



2 thoughts on “Speaking of Blood on my Hands

  1. Christina.. I do not want to see another blog crushed under the wheels of that popular social media site. So I will respond here as well.

    I love the smell of gunpowder:) But I also love to smell an opened Zippo lighter …so…lol.

    I learned to shoot when I was five. I gave up hunting over 20 years ago but I still enjoy shooting.

    Now the only thing I kill is time.

    Monty where are you? I have no one to flirt with as my phone bill is now corrected.


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