Fantasy Fest

Ass-less chaps on the chap striding ten paces ahead of me. I sensed his discomfort with my proximity, I felt his sober thoughts, “Why is this hetero-bitch following me?” I was mesmerized by the soft white orbs of ass exposed in the ass-less chaps. I was following him, not on purpose, but there I was, and I thought I noticed those buttocks flinch with each step he took with his slim, black leather encased legs. He strode with confidence, and yet I felt sure he never anticipated this ‘perp walk feel’ to launch his night out. Probably he was headed for the sexually liberated clubs at the corner of Duval and Petronia, the fruitiest part of town. Clearly he had put some thought and care into this costume. But I noticed the puckering flesh of those visible, unsmiling cheeks.

Fantasy Fest is coming to town. This is an annual tradition. It is Key West’s way of celebrating Halloween, with more, bigger, better entertainment, and it lasts a full week. Drawing, from all over, those who wish to disrobe in public.


6 thoughts on “Fantasy Fest

  1. I personally loved “fruity”! I actually giggled a little out loud as I came to that word–while at work, no less! I thought it was a sweet description that might be lost on those not too familiar with that particular block of Duval street.
    As always, I love your word-pictures. Your love of our island and all its quirkiness shines through. Thank you for depicting the spirit of fun that is FantasyFest when so many others would highlight the scandalous.

  2. Monty Darling, Re: Fantasy Fest thank you as ever. This was last Saturday night and I had not one word of ‘blog’ written. So I went off to town with the hopes of gathering some inspiration. I found a hundred stories in a matter of no time at all. Then home to cherry-pick and polish at my leisure… making the writing process a joy rather than a strain. As much as cute li’l Key West owes me in free publicity, I owe back two fold in free inspiration! ‘Tis mutually beneficial. And ps: every once in a while the Green Parrot does throw me a free bottle of water, that being my drink of choice. Love ya Baby!!

  3. Dave, What’s wrong with ‘fruitiest’? I thought the word was a sweet and apt description. I write only with love. Interpretation, however, is out of my hands.

  4. Welcome back Monty. I think that if I am ever down that way I may wander into The Green Parrot myself.

  5. The Powers that Be in Key West should be paying you a fortune for the amazing free publicity that you give them. You make this beautiful place, its quirky people and your lifestyle seem fabulous and fun !!
    The Green Parrot should give you free booze for life . Charming, fascinating, funny and exquisitely written, as always, my talented friend. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Come on Christina, you are a writer, you can come up with a better word than fruitiest…most colorful, flamboyant.

    Love the closing. 🙂


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