Off Base

Currently Key West is bloated from an additional mostly naked 50,000 partiers come to immerse themselves in Fantasy Fest. Including a thirty-something Marine from upstate who drove to town for a single night, to witness for himself the fuss he had only heard of. Despite a couple tours in Iraq and the same again in Afghanistan he was rocked and wide-eyed at the extremes before him. He stopped to photograph a naked lady astride a motorcycle, surrounded by other slack-jawed men also photographing her and a generously displayed glistening poon. The Marine took photographs of himself and porn star Ron Jeremy, who for once had his clothes on. The Marine took many photographs that night, because as he plainly stated, “The guys back home are never going to believe this!”


6 thoughts on “Off Base

  1. Yes Monty, life here is like the movies, I mean the porn movies, well, ok, the documentaries then. Whatever it is, sure is mighty entertaining. Ever since my big night out I’ve been sheltering meanwhile the merriment continues. I’m already long since burned out. Back to visits to secret beaches and open stretches of quiet and beauty. S&G life can be avoided, at will. Mercifully. xx

  2. Holy Moly! I recognised Ron immediately. They love him here in Little Ol’ England – but not for his amazing porn career. Channel 4 have made loads of documentaries about him, The Brits are obsessed with analysing why and how a nice little Jewish boy ended up with over 30 years of making saucy flicks.

    I have seen a couple of them – the documentaries – and the only thing I can remember is that every single person who knows him is in shock about how incredibly mean he is with money. Throughout the decades, he has never even bought a cup of coffee for any of his co-stars!

    Your description of the beaming bearded oyster was hilarious and totally set the scene.

    You are indeed in Sodom and Gomorrah my Sweet Delilah! xxx

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