Fantasy Fest 2013

The Fantasy Fest migration stampeded in and disrobed and got body painted. Half way through the week the rains came. A flash flood of Noah proportions washing off their eye-popping paint jobs, swirling away into the overpriced and mold ridden gutters that are their rooms for the night. All before last call.

The hot season was a swelter of solid humidity. The air was unbreathable and leaden. Luscious from flowers and fermenting sea grasses sweating on the beaches, and thus ultimately nauseating. Gradually I retreated and spent my days behind drawn blinds, A/C blasting full power, emerging only after sundown.


6 thoughts on “Fantasy Fest 2013

  1. Stop scaring me! Moving to Mississippi? Not going to let that happen. Listen to Biggy Rat and the rest of us who have weathered many a FantasyFest—hide or leave for that week, but please don’t consider leaving us yet! Cool weather always arrives just as FantasyFest ends. Now you’ll be seeking out those hidden spots in the sun. Remember–Key West has remained frost-free for all of recorded history. You’ll appreciate that in January!

  2. Another piece of brilliant descriptive prose. After 16 Fantasy Fest, I have concluded that it is better for me to vacate our fair island city during what has evolved into a swinger’s convention. Before packing up and moving to Mississippi, I would highly suggest trip there. There is a reason that real estate is so cheap. For all it’s faults, Key West is still pretty cool most of the time.

  3. A fantasy fest! Glad you didn’t make a life changing decision initiated by a well-meaning genie during Mercury in Retrograde. I loved the vividness of the vegetal smells and the cleansing rains.

  4. … put that genie back in the bottle … you may get ,really, bored writing stories about the state bird … ( Mimus polyglottos ) …

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