The past few days have been devoted to Parrotheads, the mobile fans of Jimmy Buffett who carbon footprint their way down in pickup-trucks with overinflated tires to the Mecca that is Key West for a celebratory week homage to their hero.

Obviously, Jimmy Buffett is a very clever man, by anyone’s standards the dude has made a fortune. But since his product is the musical equivalent of a Trailer Park, and attracts those who dwell in them, his tribe is a shabby lot. Meanwhile, you won’t see the likes of Jimmy Buffett in their midsts. A nuance entirely lost on the flock.


2 thoughts on “Parrotheads

  1. Yes Monty dearest, Once the Parrotheads showed up I found I missed the Fantasy Festers. Similarly I notice my eyes are tired from so much overstimulation. Better to go stare at the ocean and rebalance. My oldest friend! How about that?!!! Oxxx

  2. So after the excesses of Fantasy Fest – Down to earth with a bump. Your visit to the Detention Centre came across as fascinating, moving and funny. This is a world most of us know nothing about.

    After reading Biggy Rat’s comment in your previous post, I realised why you adore him and why you chose to go shooting with this eloquent, sweet and witty man. He made me smile!

    And Super Cool Ron is back – Hooray!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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