Troubled Child

You can tell who isn’t going to make it, and oftentimes you are right, but it is still always a shock. A gutting hollowing shock.

When he called you refused to take his call. You became afraid of him. You shrank from him, avoided him, even though you loved him and you felt guilty about doing so, you consciously chose denial.

One time when you pretended to sleep you watched him inch carefully around your bedroom until he found what he had come for, your wallet. He helped himself to all your cash and then he tiptoed away. You didn’t have what it took to face the monster. You preferred to pretend to sleep.


8 thoughts on “Troubled Child

  1. Unexpected voice, unexpected subject matter and — to echo Dave — wow. The clipped staccato sentences filled with grief take the reader by the hand and lead us to a shattering conclusion.

  2. Thanks Monty Darling! I like to shake things up and keep it interesting for my readers… but I also use this blog as a way to sluice my own reactions to life in general. Like this post ‘Troubled Child’, which was to do with something I found so sad I had no other way to expiate the sadness other than to write about it.

  3. From light and fluffy to quirky to frivolous to hilarious to inspiring to jaw – dropping and now to
    insightful and deeply moving. Is there nothing you cannot write about my friend. SUPERB !!!!!!!!!


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