My Tribe

Locals say the best thing about leaving Key West is the joy one experiences upon returning. So true!

Early April I made the first of three forays to NYC. Unexpectedly I tripped into a rabbit hole of good luck when my dear friend Vanessa Noel offered to host a party for me and my latest book, a collection of short stories.

A word on these ‘books’. The last three books I have published have been self-published directly on Amazon. This is an incredible option available to authors, the downside being that without a comprehensive knowledge of formatting and templates the finished product can look a little wonky. Thus the degree of wonkiness riddling my latest ‘books’.


3 thoughts on “My Tribe

  1. A real agent and publisher – brilliant news and long overdue! What an incredible week, rounded off by meeting John Hemingway!!! FABULOUS!

    We love it when you tell us what is going on in your life. The crazy and the good. Whoops – sounds like a bad Clint Eastwood film. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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