Saturday Night is Alright

The jail writing class is voluntary and no special dispensation is offered anyone beyond the gratification of a couple of distracting hours. Those who attend, about twenty, are made up of an evolving array of faces. Some are still there since before my first visit last summer, others pop in for a quick stint, never to be seen again. And then the third group, those who come and go and know the rules better than the guards, know the laws better than their court appointed lawyers. Yet, for myriad reasons, they return.

At 7:30pm on Saturdays, Candace (my fearless leader and program creator of twenty years) and I hand in our IDs at the main check in area, and after a brisk frisk of our persons and possessions we make our way. Buzzed through thick doors, and along corridors painted the color of untanned Caucasian skin, deep into the interior of the structure, to the ladies wing.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Night is Alright

  1. I am curious as to whether there are similar ‘non-institutional’ interactive type groups any where else.

    Hopefully some of the ones that you’ve helped will consider eventually doing the same that you have for others.

  2. Thank you Chris! For sure I will pass along your very thoughtful comment. The ladies will appreciate it. Don’t be shy to start up a similar program at your local jail.

  3. A privilege for those that want to listen to their writings…and a great gift for the story teller/writer to realize that people are sincerely listening , whether it’s you and your friend, or individuals that read their words on the blog – most entries are difficult to read for me, simply because of the reality of their experiences; also because I am slightly surprised that I haven’t been there myself. A close friend of mine visited a local prison on a regular basis awhile ago to speak ‘to’ those in there – I know it didn’t have near the effect this can and does have…’s a service that needs to continue and hopefully be more appreciated by the general public for various reasons…please share this with all of them if you would

  4. I like Puke’s stories / poems… Go for on Christina, you are make from us PERSONS!!!

  5. The experience is a lot of fun for me, as a participant and a voyeur. You’ll have to come in someday and see for yourself my dear Suz… you’ll like it too. Here’s why: the class attracts the writers, and writers are story tellers, and stories are what it’s all about!!

  6. What you and Candace are doing for these women is wonderful. Writing is such an amazing escape. Posting their works and providing them with feedback has to be so rewarding to them! Sparking their creativity, giving them assignments, encouraging them to hope—you are truly an inspiration! You rock, Christina!

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