Bad Crab

The way I heard the story there is an inland river, up the Keys a ways, and in the river lived a large blue crab. This crab kept to itself, not only because it was a crab, but because it was always grumpy and whining and complaining. Even amongst other crabs this crab was bad.
But one day this bad crab was obliged to engage with the rest of the crab population. There was a referendum, or something political, and all crustaceans had been called together to vote on a issue of the riverbed and how it was being despoiled. Something to do with those dastardly humans and their need to ruin things with bridges and footpaths and, worst of all, roads.


5 thoughts on “Bad Crab

  1. Great story! Poor Mr. Bad crab, nothing ventured, nothing gained, nothing lost!

  2. interesting story! all the wicked people eventually pay for their wickedness…

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