I missed a Thanksgiving party because I couldn’t find my clothes. The greatest challenge to sofa-hopping is trying to find one’s stuff. Everything of mine is between a storage unit and every square inch of my car. For one reason or another I moved nine times since November 1st.

One extra illegal night at my previous rental, cruising out at five in the morning so as not to be reported on by the neighbors. Then one night at the rooftop house, which didn’t work out on account of a giant rat. On to friend Martha, followed by a visit to the Judo pals in Miami. Back to Martha’s, then one night at Julia’s, then back to the rooftop for one night, immediately retreating to the Palms Hotel. Back to the rooftop, if only in disbelief I was losing ground to a rodent. But he won, and I made my way to the Sugarloaf Lodge after which I ended up back at Martha’s, a ridiculously luxurious setting, what with its ninety degree swimming pool, a very hard place to leave.



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  1. Excellent description for a “doll house”. From the description, it looks like on one of those houses from a fairy tales… 😀

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