The Dollhouse

I have tumbled on some good luck. A friend, a local with a thirty year foothold on this glorious island I like to call home, well he tipped me off on the sudden availability of a certain dwelling.

A cottage is how it was described, on a lane I had never heard of. It took a few passes and u-turns to even find the street. And then the little house, like a fallen diamond earring, its luster gummed from the dusty path and its brilliance obscured with tangled overgrowth, the interior dulled from years of encrustations from the previous tenant, an antisocial type, who moved home to live with his mother.


7 thoughts on “The Dollhouse

  1. It’s about time you caught a break regarding housing in Key West! I’m relieved now, confident our fair isle gets to keep you for a while longer. I hope you signed a five-year lease!
    As usual, your alluring descriptions left me wanting more. Hope to see the new digs in person soon! You supervise from the hammock and I’ll take a stab at the jungle.

  2. so nice to know there is a place in the sun for everyone :o)
    lucy in the sky with a diamond…..

  3. You and Your hammock πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    I have a hamock too and I love it as you do. It is great for thinking, guitar strumming and cloud watching. Unfortunately I do not live in Key West, so I cannot enjoy my hammock for fear of hypothermia.. alas I must await spring.
    But I am happy that you have found ypur dollhouse dwelling w/ a place for your hammock. For a writer in Key West what more do you need.
    Btw, I really liked this post this. You always seem to find the most perfect adjetives to convey what’s on that beautiful mind πŸ™‚

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