Captive Audience

Kate from the Key West Library sent me some paperwork I never read, but did sign. Turns out I agreed to visit the ladies at the local lockup. A month before the visit copies of my books were distributed to the inmates.
Driving into the prison compound on Stock Island we passed a small animal farm project, with supersized Patagonian rodents and hundred year old turtles and garishly plumaged ducks, all rescues and now roaming freely. We passed a block of cement with no open windows, the Juvenile Detention building, and adjoining this, another three story block of cement, lodging the women.


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  1. Hello Christina,

    I love this blog post. You obviously were an inspiration to these women, and I think it’s wonderful that you offered them the opportunity of an online writing assignment to give insight to their lives ~ past and present ~ their passions and dreams. I think we all might be staggered by the results: I, for one, can’t wait.

    Kindest regards,

    Anthea X

  2. Hi Christina,

    It was interesting to read your blog regarding the ladies on Stock Island. My husband, David, who keeps up with your stuff, and also writes for Conch Life, sent me your above article. He thought I might find it to be of interest, as I frequent the jail every Friday and Saturday. The Bibles you saw were most likely the green ones I pass out on a regular basis.

    I am sure the ladies found your visit to be a wonderful break from their everyday hum drum activities. It would be nice if more people would go in to visit and share things about their lives with them. They tell me that not too many speakers come in these days. There was a time when there were many more.

    I am away for a few weeks, and of course, I can’t get in there, so I always love hearing about guest speakers and visitors. Some don’t ever get visitors, as their families live in other areas.

    If you would ever like to contact me regarding your visits, please feel free to do so. I have been going for almost 6 years consistently, and see so many of the same ones going out and coming back in, over and over.

    Take care,

    Maria 🙂

  3. Well you know you’ve made it when they start banning your books! Love your title, and your benevolent-dictator blood.

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