Leader Astray

I attended fourteen schools in all, but the one I loathed the most was very hard to leave. Trust me, I tried everything. This was a windswept Dickensian nightmare on the south coast of England.
In the evenings, after Matron had performed her rounds, checking to see we were all in bed, it was time to play. My best friend Gia was fearless and up for anything, her only fear was spiders.
After ‘lights out’ Gia and I would hustle fellow miscreants and I would lead us out onto the Downs and the White Cliffs of Dover. If we happened across a construction site we would set about removing tools and chucking them about. We dragged planks and anything not bolted down and hurled them over the cliffs.



6 thoughts on “Leader Astray

  1. You mischievous little imp! How much fun it would have been to be your childhood cohort! Truthfully, you would have intimidated the hell out of me as a kid, angel that I was. (Ha!) Glad I at least get to play with you now. Let’s go cause some trouble….

  2. Excellent stuff, Christina. These escapades would make an exciting comedy diary. I absolutely loved it!

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