While it’s true the mates did get lucky after the disastrous July 4th fireworks cruise, the collateral damage from that night was a girl named Nelly.
Saturday night, exactly one week later Nelly was primped and awaiting. Nelly was on the early side to arrive at the bar. She knocked back some shots and then bought herself a beer, and a second one, and took up her position. She was waiting for him.
The mates, Boat Boys, you’ll spot them in the evenings, traveling in pods. Surging into bars or looping around town in bicycle gangs, hunting for the choicest place to perch, in pursuit of fun.
The band was taking a break when Pirate Bob and his buddies arrived. Somehow Nelly missed him as he got himself a drink and sauntered outside, to linger on the sidewalk, in an optimal position from where he could leisurely catch up with whomever meanwhile dragnet the incoming krill.


2 thoughts on “Mating

  1. Oh, the allure of the boat boys! What is it about these carefree young men that can turn an otherwise reasonable girl into a scheming stalker? Maybe it’s the sun-bleached wind-tousled hair, the firm deeply-tanned shoulders, the agile limbs hoisting sails and then scampering bare-footed amongst the throngs of tourists, expertly topping off plastic cups of beer and champagne. Is it their natural ease in chatting up the grandmas, the tweens and everyone in between? Is it their propensity of seeking out tropical islands to call home? Is it that we know they are somehow unattainable, never to be tied down, always adrift and ready for the next adventure? Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, boat boys! You are irresistible….

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