Bird of Paradise

My friend is waiting on me, he needs my help. I had to tell him I’m so sorry but I’m busy, I’ll catch up to him later and lend him a hand, or whatever.

The thing is today I’m dog-sitting, at friend Martha’s mansion by the sea where she is the caretaker for some multi-millionaires, and where it is ridiculously comfortable. I got there early with a bag of supplies consisting of Scottish smoked salmon, Belgian chocolates and a flask of dark rum.


3 thoughts on “Bird of Paradise

  1. Lovely. You are a joy to read.
    On a pratical note, a bird was once trapped and flapping frantically in my living room. After some thought I grabbed a bath towel, managed to throw it over the poor little thing. Once captured I hurridly ran outdoors, onto the lawn and removed the towel. Off to freedom. . .

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