Life with Pie

My penultimate move before I left town, on my way to New York for Christmas parties, was to drop my bicycle at the bike shop for a tune-up, which would include getting the chain back on the gears. I have been harsh on my green bicycle, plunging off sidewalks and knocking the air out of the tires, all in the name of fun. I knew it was time to take the bugger in when, while riding, a powerful clanking could be heard over my headphones.


7 thoughts on “Life with Pie

  1. The power of pudding – there is nothing quite like it on earth !!!!!!!

    You have all your readers drooling. This Key Lime Pie should be up for The Nobel Peace Prize. Much more deserving than the EU.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. oh i love this! am checking for mail-order pies now! best line “you’d think I had the Dalai Lama in a bag”. you’re so cute. happy happy (early) birthday to you.

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