Unit Two

Disastrously, the landlord is upping my rent by a fortune. He claims he has a valid airtight excuse for this outrageousness. I disagree.

Initially, I clung to the idea of staying, and to that end I wrote him a scorcher of a letter. Thankfully, I sent this to someone else. Her advice was to sleep on it. Sure enough, the next morning, in the gentle light of day, I trashed the rant, realizing it’s simply time to move on.

Bubbling with resentment I fired up Craigslist. Sighing loudly I clicked on ‘for rent’ and drifted across the listings, making notes and phone calls. The response was invariably, ‘Sorry, I rented the place yesterday’.



7 thoughts on “Unit Two

  1. Finding a quiet and clean apartment in Key West should be an Olympic event. Requires just as much hard work and determination. And that’s how landlords get away with raising the rent exorbitant amounts once they’ve landed a great tenant–it’s just too easy to stay put. But be careful: staying with friends until you find the perfect pad could cause you to make a hasty decision! Best of luck, friend. Mr. Snake will miss you.

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