Bike Week

Florida’s southernmost Key had been overrun by bikers. It is Bike Week, and for three days and nights I have heard the growling rumble of the motorcycles as they headed south, to downtown Key West. I had to go look. Lined up along both sides of Duval Street were rockets and choppers of all colors and engineering-defying shapes, and all around milled men in jeans and chunky boots and leather waistcoats with patches declaring allegiance to this or that motorcycle club. A great deal of visible skin was festooned with tattoo art. And everywhere I looked there was a great deal of skin on display. Mostly from the biker molls, many of whom had stopped in at the ‘body paint’ booth of a maestro, a ponytailed man wielding a spray gun. The molls fearlessly whipped off their tops and had their chests painted with trompe l’oeil, so that once more they appeared dressed, until a breast slung into profile, and the give away was a cheeky nipple.


10 thoughts on “Bike Week

  1. Ah, the bikes.
    I truly love the rib-rattling rumble of a Harley! Love the chrome, the slick paint, the custom configurations. But a girl can only take so much when all she gets is the audible without the visual! I work just half a block off Duval Street, where the bikes cruise endlessly, setting off the rather sensitive alarm of the car parked just in front of my store. (All cars seem to have alarms these days, and NO ONE alerts to any emergency when they start their hideous wailing.) By day’s end, I’m frazzled.
    I’m also trying to keep in mind that this bike event is a fund-raiser, benefiting diabetes research, I believe. We gotta remember this noisy weekend is for a great cause! So all you hog riders, please take a turn every few laps and head up Fleming Street so I can appreciate what’s behind all that rumbling!

  2. Sounds like a nice day and so interesting, a contrast to mine, data entry of invoices into AP. I’ve imagined my bike, sipping a drink, and I’m hearing Patty Griffin sing “10 Million Miles” and watching friends enjoy the day.

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