The Cult of Celebrity

Here’s the thing, I’m suddenly back in NY after 3 years roasting my middle aged hide in the tropics, and it feels like I never left. New York is like a tolerant lover who calmly acknowledges ones return, no questions asked. One just slides right into step. And yet I feel I’m changed, I now go to bars alone, and dance alone. I have a tan, my hair is long and unbrushed, effectively, I’m a Hippy. Turns out I was always a Hippy, I just didn’t know it. I was rubbing up against the constraints of convention and was shunned at times for carrying the ‘wrong’ handbag. ‘Friends’ actually went out of their way to caution me my unmaterialistic manner was in fact a detriment, who knew? They counseled how the ‘right’ handbag would change my life.


5 thoughts on “The Cult of Celebrity

  1. Christina, you are so freaking brilliant! Even though you are deservedly a celebrity, your manner and your pluck make you a person that everyone wants to see succeed. We will never look at Gwyneth (or a steak sandwich) again without acknowledging a secret smile to you.

    So here’s why you feel so good right now. You are by nature a giver of the unexpected. You gave New York (and London) to Key West when you moved there. Now you are giving Key West to New York. Embrace it; you enrich all that you meet, and all that read you. 🙂

  2. I love, among other memorable lines, this: “I wake up and I have no idea where I am, not that I mind, I actually like that sensation. It is a moment of pure freedom.” I agree — guest rooms, hotels, countries … just passing through. A very writerly sentiment. I think that sentiment works in perfect harmony with your very Serbian sense of humor, and that life is entertainment.

    And what an entertainment it is to read you every Sunday.

  3. I’m sad to read that you’re so happy right now. Sounds like a bitchy thing to say, right? But I trust you understand the sentiment: You’ve embraced your inner hippy, and it cradled you in Key West. You’re feeling the tug of your roots, and that makes me afraid of losing you back to the city. What I know for sure is that you will, now and always, be only a few keystrokes away from me, my friend. I love that you’re enjoying yourself. I know you’re gathering great material for future writings. I also know that winter is coming eventually and you will remember how divine Key West is in winter. And that the hippies miss you. Do what you must, be where you need to be. Your audience is everywhere. I just like it when we can do lunch on the fly. Come home.

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