Swine Flu

Splayed on the sofa in the living room, he watched her. She was boiling water in the kitchen. He hated her. The sight of her, the smell of her, the sound of her voice. He had no idea when this had started, when things had disintegrated.

“Sniff!” he snorted, crumpled tissues all around him, one soggy tissue still grasped in his tight grip. And that’s when he felt the creep of a sneeze, like crazy tentacles switching at the back of his throat, stirring up the impulse for a sneeze, gathering speed, like bellows filling the back of his brain, the top of his esophagus and then he was a canon of spume, particles loosened free and he worried all of him would eviscerate and funnel out through nostrils flaring like stampeding horses. “Aaarrrrr,” he lamented, so sorry for himself, “Oh good Lord!”



16 thoughts on “Swine Flu

  1. Wow, I have taken a complacent hiatus from my true love-writing. However, after reading this, my adrenaline had found it’s way back and I finally feel the itch again! This piece reminds me of why I pursued English in College and why I discontinued English in College. I wanted this! You are amazing and will seek you out via the wordpress site I am building. Incredible! Thank you!

  2. Wonderful imagery! I felt like a fly on the wall spying on this awful scene. Could this couple be Marc and Lizzie? Love, love, love what you do with words! MORE PLEASE!

  3. It takes H1 to know N1. Takes chai over chamomile for me! Will continue to follow your delightful compositions. Wished we met up this visit. Al’s R.C. cruise on Sat. was very chill. Have to say the KW bug has gotten under my skin and I’m incubating a plan to curl up here myself for a spell the next chance I get! Cheers PC

  4. what the women are doing for men, and they are never satisfied. Sad but true 🙁

  5. There are defenders of the dangling preposition with literary examples as evidence of support…Bill of Rights to Anne of Green Gables…plus that annoying invitation, “Come with?” Grrrrrrr
    “……like it was a spaceship to escape in.” (Here I will force myself not to start in on my campaign to strike the word ‘like’ from the language).
    I enjoyed the imagery of the kettle as means of escape from a seemingly loveless and contagious situation but must confess the “in” word did offend.
    But at the risk of impeding the flow of your unique talent, I will bat like a cat at your dangling preps.

  6. You know marriage! Story too good to stop there. WANT MORE – MUST HAVE MORE !!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Loved this! Read it on fb via kathryn Ryder. Met you in kw at a party a year ago. Very well done

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