Island Life

Speaking of private islands reminds me of a time long ago when I sold up and relocated to a private island in French Polynesia.

My senior year was at a high school in the Rocky Mountains where I met Taha, a Tahitian lass. We bonded over our love of adventure and even engaged in a few explorations of our own devising. After high school Taha went west and I east and for the next decade or so we kept in touch by phone. The years piled up and we toiled in drab jobs. One day Taha learned she had inherited a cute little atoll in Tahiti. In a trice Taha took up residence and invited me to join, “Just bring a bicycle, stay as long as you like,” she said. I was tantalized and soon I was extricating myself from a job and an apartment I did not love.


3 thoughts on “Island Life

  1. Are you familiar with the opera “Trouble in Tahiti” one act, seven scenes by Leonard Bernstein? You must listen to it once and forget it forever. American Suburban Angst 1952 and a memory of a movie the lead, Dinah, saw called “Trouble in Tahiti”.
    It’s a real wrist slitter.

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