In order for me to regularly visit the jail I had to pass a background check, sign and initial paperwork and partake of ‘Volunteer Orientation’, a meeting where the prison rules and regulations were explained.

I arrived early one afternoon and waited in a main lobby and watched flustered kin squabbling over bail money while other visitors lined up at the metal detector, patted down by bored-looking officers.
A door in the corner of the big room burst open.
“Anyone for Orientation?” said a tiny lady.
I put up my hand and hustled for the open door.



15 thoughts on “Orientation

  1. Hilarious! I’m wondering what name you gave me. Do tell Christina. X Frequent Flyer, perhaps? “Tall” and “Tiny” – spot on!
    Hope to see you there in two weeks. Do you think the steel plate in my head will set off the metal detector?

  2. I find it interesting and somewhat disturbing that just a few yards from wonderfully blissfull jet skiing tourists and a busy marina full of fun
    Activities is this strange oppressive World separated only by a wall of cinder lock and a thin fence. Sounds like an awful place to dwell, but it’s good
    To take a peek from time to remind us how damn good we have it.
    Thanks for the bravery that allowed you to peek for us and for taking the time to report back.

  3. You know how sometimes a writer’s your brain and fingers can take them anywhere? Well mine did a few minutes ago when i was updating my status and they led me to you. And then I remembered OH YEAH!!. Its Sunday.. New Blog post.. so here I am. I really liked this weeks! I literally LOL’d at the part about your breasts starting a riot and.. the “Tall” and “Tiny” name substitution.. that’s a little brilliant girl. It’s funny.. now I am reminded of something that i wrote only a few minutes ago about, in a status, about you and yeah….if you looked like Pippy Longstockings and I read this from you.. hmmmm…. yeah…, I still might wanna…… Your Mind & that Sense of Humor girl!

    Good Job.. Hi-5.
    Great Post this week.. and last but not least:

    CHRISTINA you went to an orientation so you can go there regularly awww. I’m proud of you! That’s soooo koool that you’re doing that.
    You’re so yummy I can’t stand it now.. I’m gonna come down there and eatcha!

  4. Christina, the orientation was different than when I went through it. I hope this means you will frequent the jail. I would love to meet you sometime :-).

  5. Agree with both comments above…..but I have a question?? What in the hell motivated you to go to the jail in the first place….Isn’t your garden dangerous enough? LOL! Well done Christina!

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