Back to Jail

Last Monday evening I paid my second visit to the ladies in the County lockup. I was saying hello to faces I recognized as twenty of us converged in the class room, dragging the chairs and desks into a circle. Gradually I noticed there were new faces in the room. One new face in particular caught my attention, a tall slim lady with a buzz cut. She definitely was not here last time and yet something about her looked familiar. We all sat down and the lady caught me staring at her and she stared back intently, and then, slowly, her face creased into a frown. I knew I should look away but then her wide blue eyes were popping, and she silently mouthed, “You?’
It was Crystal! Astonished, I nodded my head, and could not suppress a smile. She looked mortified.


8 thoughts on “Back to Jail

  1. Great story. Small island. Can’t believe we have yet to cross paths. Glad it’s not in jail. Wrong kind of bars in there. You still have open invitation to go to Looe Key snorkeling if you get a chance

  2. “I’ve got friends in low places” lol.. have you heard that song.. by Garth Brooks? I’m not the biggest country music fan but I love that song. And I thought of that song just now reading how you ran into a friend IN JAIL. Haha, that’s cool 😉

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