One Man’s Treasure

Key West has many unique features. There are few other places on earth where you can go down to the beach in the morning and reasonably expect to trip across treasure from Spanish galleon shipwrecks.

Equally you could, as I have, sashay into a local pawn shop and you’ll be offered slabs of emeralds, supposedly from the Atocha ship. “That’s worth sixty-thousand dollars,” the pawn shop owner said, fingering a green rock, “But you can have it for thirty grand.”


8 thoughts on “One Man’s Treasure

  1. Yes Gary, I agree, life is so much more than the material possessions we rack up. I tried to accumulate ‘stuff’ but twice in my life I have been totally wiped out, and it taught me a great deal about the unimportance of things. Cheers! ps: I’ll let you know if ever I meet Maria

  2. Or perhaps Maria is in Key West. Either way, a reminder that “it’s” not about things material. Even your well-crafted words exist best in thought, with script out of hand.

  3. Gosh Nick, that is some prophecy! Why must the luck be bad? If they carry the energy of the last owner… what if that person is some sort of saint and has good energy, what then? Just asking. And PS: where are those cabochon cufflinks? What did you do with them?

  4. Oh, emeralds! I once received a pair of cufflinks, made from cabochons that might have once glowed richly in the ears of a Byzantine princess–but the relationship turned sour. The emeralds, formerly so beautiful, turned on me and became a symbol of a deal of love gone terribly wrong.

    That’s the tricky thing about emeralds; they are always the property of the person who gave them to you, and carry the energy of the last owner.

    That’s why emeralds are bad luck. Your pal will find that out, Christina. xo N

  5. I’ve had a thing for pirates and Corsairs for as long as I’ve been alive. I now see now the fascination — betyond Papa Hemingway and the spectacular weather asnd ocean — with Key West.

  6. If Maria is dead I want her clothes! Pirates, shipwrecked galleons, sunken treasure, emeralds AND old codgers! What a fab and fascinating life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just think how the rest of us feel reading this, freezing our buns off in the claustrophobic world of inner city life. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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