Blame it on the moon but I couldn’t sleep. When daylight seeped around the blinds I took a sleeping pill and sunk blissfully asleep. The next thing I knew I woke up to an uncharacteristically grim day. It looked like London outside, the light was pale and thin and strangely gray. So not the tropics, I thought before I realized it was eight at night. Which is probably why, at half past midnight I was restless.


7 thoughts on “Nightbirds

  1. Great story!!! Christina Oxenberg is a night bird, so am I… I was working a “Vampire” shifts for ages, and I know how it is. I still can’t sleep during the night.

  2. Don’t poke fun at middle age! It will show up soon enough, guaranteed !
    One of life’s most bizarre — yet delightful — minor exeriences is waking up, checking the clock and not knowing if its am or pm. When you realize you’ve guessed it wrong, your whole mind turns around a couple times while you reorient . It’s really strange! :-))

  3. Thank you Anthea, I was a little worried the ‘sagging tattoos’ might offend! Glad they didn’t. I’m having a wonderful year so far, and I hope the same for you. Cx

  4. Hello Christina.

    I really enjoyed the blog ~ Excellent.

    Sagging tattoos…………….it made me smile.

    Hope you’re having a great 2013 thus far.

    xxx Anthea

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