Once Bitten

Another tribe worthy of study for the Large Animal Research Station are the Serbians of Key West. The local Serbs move about seemingly in one amoebic glob. They live together, they all mostly work together riding the pedicabs, and they hunt together. You’ll see them, peddling the pedicabs, ably hauling soused and sunburned tourists. To look at the Serbs sure are handsome and some are even friendly, but allegedly on nights of a full moon these Serbians are long-fanged otherworldly beasts. Word around town is the Serbs might indeed be werewolves.

For the purpose of observation I made a plan with one of them, my buddy Vuk (pronounced ‘voooook’). Vuk agreed to participate in this study and no animals, supernatural or otherwise, were harmed in the compilation of data. Vuk and I forged a plan for the night of the fullest full moon of the year.



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  1. Werewolves and/or vampires seem unlikely company for a Princess. Or maybe the perfect bodyguards!

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