Insomnia can be a beautiful thing, provided you don’t have any plans. What I love the most is very late at night when the only sounds are the crickets on percussion and the roosters on trombone and the whoosh of passing cars sounding like a snare drum. Then there are the birds, soothingly, at the cusp of day a veritable symphony with trills and peeps. So much is going on yet it’s merely the world’s ablutions, its waking transformation which in turn shuts me down, quietens the revving, relaxes the nervous system.

The worst thing you can do, as an insomniac, is try to force yourself to go to sleep. However, all this being up all night and sleeping through the day interferes with most social activities, except of course dancing to the fabulous bands at the bars in town. Which reminds me, I had to take a hiatus from the Jail Birds.



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  1. “So many of the Ladies wrote impactful stuff with authentic voices all their own, even when they could hardly spell a word, leaning heavily on phonetics mixed with Ebonix.” Yes, prison language does have a beauty and a truth all its own. I deeply loved those stories, mostly for the humor, but look forward to the next incarnation of Christina.

  2. Thank you Candace! Jail was an eye-opening experience and I gained much from it. Indelible in fact. Thank you for inviting me in, I learned so much. You have been a great inspiration for me. Cx

  3. and the women behind bars just continue to Write On… we look forward to a visit in the future! they ask about you every week and are happy to know you are still being an adventurous author… sleep or no sleep…. they all seem to do what comes naturally share their feelings and stories with a pencil and a piece of paper!

  4. Fabuloso descriptive passages from both you and devoted fan Kev !

    What I like most is that you sound Sooo chilled and content.

    Be in no doubt that you have changed the lives of the girls at the DC. Many of them have discovered a new interest and a hidden talent.

    You are one of the good guys dearest pal. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Your opening paragraph drew me to reflect on this passage from my first novel, Eden.

    The night sky in front of me was still a wash of black. Behind me, just over the peaks, the radiance of morning light prepared to make her scheduled appearance. I love to walk the earth when everyone else is sleeping. It makes me feel like the night belongs to only me. I could hear the music of India playing in my head. I also cherish the night because no one is watching. I danced along the lakeshore, underneath the umbrella of horse chestnut and linden trees, to that rhythmic beat that filled my world. As the sky continued to awaken around me, I awoke to the reality that I was on the verge of something momentous. A new life.

  6. Hey Mark, thank you for your message. I agree with what you say about addicts and prisons, and yes of course I felt desperately sorry for many of those Ladies in jail. The exposure helped to remind me to put life’s ‘problems’ in perspective! I’ll look forward to hearing about your prison gig experiences. C

  7. Very nice writing Christina . I’m having a break from a grappling match with my little ( blue ) Chinese guitar.>>> Here in London , we have stopped complaining about the cold , and without missing a beat , we are moaning about the heat ( ‘ it’s sooo humid , isn’t it ? And sticky ? I’m sooo sticky – we could do with some rain couldn’t we ? ‘ ) – But you know what the English are like . Were it not for the weather, we’d probably say nothing to each other.>>> You being a prison visitor . I think you are a kind hearted and sympathetic person , going to that trouble . Last year a dear young friend of mine , a long term drug addict , spent a few months in prison . It’s just part of her life , she’s in and out of there , over the years . Now that my own addictions and illnesses are in the past , I was able to visit her a few times and give her some support . Not something her junkie friends could do, because for each of them ; their number one priority is feeding their habit , every day . It is more important than love . My friend , Anna , understood that about her addict friends , because she is the same . Visiting her , and being able to have conversations that made sense ( she was on methadone , in prison ) was so good for me . For the most part , I’m sure you know , communicating with an addict is virtually impossible , normally . Well, sorry to be ‘ talking ‘ so much . It’s a solitary life , all this practice . I can’t help reflecting on my own good fortune , at last , being able to function properly . After awhile , I will have written a set . And next year I’m planning to do some live gigs . The first live performances I intend to do will be in prisons , I know how to arrange it , so it should come together . I’m trying to think of a wise-crack about ‘captive audiences ‘ but it wouldn’t be funny . Most of the crime people are in prison for , is drug-related . Addiction is a health issue . Addicts need treatment , not punishment . Please excuse me standing on my soap-box Christina . Back to work . Thanks again for the glimpse of your interesting life . I’ll read it again , later .

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