Mexican Vacation

Here lies the true story of Swell Merlot, a screenwriter who had run dry of inspiration.

Swell lounged poolside at the Mexican resort, sunbathing in her red bikini. She was supposed to be polishing a script, but she could not focus. Instead she drank and sunbathed and pictured Martin, her boyfriend, on his way to visit her. What she could never have imagined was that at that very moment Martin was hanging from chains in a dungeon. No one could hear his pitiful screams each time his skin was raised in welts from the whip.


3 thoughts on “Mexican Vacation

  1. I did not see that twist coming. “Engorged” Martin, I thought as well, was in a sex slave dungeon. Then he was in a prison in Mexico and I was a bit worried for the young artist. Luckily engorged and swell got back together again. Love this!

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