When my friend Brenda found a new home in NYC I offered to help her with the move. I had a car and moving is second nature to me.

I told her to call friends and meet at her place early the following Saturday morning.

I parked my Volvo 740 and with coffee in hand I arrived on time to Brenda’s on 2nd Street in the east Village and pressed the doorbell.

Brenda opened the front door wearing pajamas, oversized bunny rabbit slippers, and clutching a coffee of her own. Behind her I could see the apartment was in chaos with open boxes and everything in mad disarray.

‘No one is coming,’ she said, flatly, in a type of shock.
I laughed at her and said, ‘Typical! So what! Let’s get going.’

Which is when I noticed a strange object on a hanger on a hook. It was a pale powder blue velour leisure suit, jacket and pants, in size giant.

Brenda and I are both tiny, like a couple of potatoes, this must be a Halloween outfit?

‘What’s that?’ I pointed at the blue velour with my cup.
‘That’s Priest.’

Slouching out from another room appeared a vast looming man I had never met before.

Turns out this was Killah Priest from the Wu-Tang Clan and he was in bad shape. It was his birthday the day before and his hangover was visibly palpitating.

So this was Brenda’s new fellah! She hadn’t mentioned him.

‘Howdy,’ I said and we shook hands. ‘It’s just you and me. Brenda you stay and keep filling boxes. Priest and I will do the hauling. More coffee please.’

Priest lugged and carried and we drove Brenda’s belongings across town in a hundred trips.

Priest was soon sweating, nothing was heavy, not for him, except his late night escapades. A gentle rain began helping cool us off on this hot summer day.

Face turned up, eyes closed, he said, ’Raindrops feel like needles.’