Bobby, Cheryl & Genghis Khan

Already Serbia seems like a dream, sensations mutating. The only thing I know for certain is I shall return.

But I had to be at a wedding far up the north eastern United States, so everything was temporarily on hold. I am finally returned to Key West, now one week later, and I feel and look like Shackleton, post Pole.

This was the wedding of Bobby Kennedy Jr and actress Cheryl Hines. All about family and friends.

Bobby & Cheryl

The Kennedys and I have a history too conspiratorial to get into here and now. What I will say is that in the case of Bobby Kennedy Jr, the third child of RFK and Ethel, we have a tradition of attending each other’s weddings.

As a non-breeder myself I long-ago bequeathed my carbon footprint allowance to Bobby Kennedy Jr and he has been prolific. His six children I consider honorary nieces and nephews.

It is natural to try and put a finger on the pulse of where traits come from. According to one tree I am a direct descendent of Genghis Khan to which I’ll say, I come in peace. When I first met some of the Kennedys I saw a lot of myself in them. I am noisy fearless loud funny quick empathetic and fiercely loyal. I saw myself in them, I saw myself in strangers, I even one time met a cat with whom I had a lot in common. But you know what they say, people look like their dogs, so one can find commonality wherever one chooses to look.

Then I went to Serbia and the puzzle fell into place. I discovered my more vivid traits are Serbian, and Serbians are good people. Even the Russians, who are tough as Kryptonite, have a soft spot for Serbs. If you want a Russian to be nice to you tell him you’re Serbian.

I am amused by the unconventional, entertained by pathology and unswayed by Machiavelli, when it comes to loyalty, in my opinion, it is the raw ingredient of friendship and without it nothing means anything.

And speaking of loyalty, back to Serbia, did I mention they have their own breed of dog? A bear-sized long-haired canine only to be found in the Serbian mountains. I’ll bet I look like at least one of them. Sarplaninac

2 thoughts on “Bobby, Cheryl & Genghis Khan

  1. When did you go Serbia?!!!
    Did you tell folks who you were?
    If so, did they fall down and kiss your feet? Well, I agree that Serbs are cool! Princeza Brigitta is now tied for my favorite princess. Not to take anything away from Princess Christina, it’s just Brigitta is just the sweetest thing ever. She wrote me the sweetest message
    last week for no reason at all. It touched my heart. So my two favorite princesses are Serbian. ALTHOUGH my least favorite princess is also Serbian (Princess Catherine) You can totally tell she’s related to Ghengis Khan lol.
    Oh yeah, Carol Williams-Butler unfriended me for cracking on Catherine, actually it wasn’t the Catherine dissing that cost me her friendship but the fact that I commented on the fact that she liked her own comment, lol. I was curious to see who liked her comment taking me to task for dissing Catherine so I clicked on it and then remembered that she likes her own comments, so I mentioned that and then she sent me a strong worded message and then unfriended me. And I was devistated.. still trying to get over Carol. Anywho, I decided to jump on here because its Sunday but I fear that I might be a little too early for this weeks post. Oh, well.. I guess I’ll check back later 🙂

  2. Hey Babe – Don’t dis looking like Shackleton, as he was spectacularly thin! And you were embroiled in the classiest bun fight in the world at the OK Corral.

    As for the Russkies – they like the Greeks and the Serbs because we share the same religion. The Russians actually chose the Orthodox Faith as opposed to the other major religions, because we have no restrictions on boozing,whoring and eating. Nothing is a Sin and we only have to pop in to church to light the occasional candle. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. If you’re rich, you just bung The Bish a few bucks for those much needed extra brownie points in heaven. PERFECT! xxxxx.

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