Worm Hunt

During the New Moon phases in May and June, under cover of darkness, palolo worms are sprung from the coral that populates the seabed off the coast off Key West. Trillions of red and white worms are released from the ocean floor and preprogrammed toáswim to an offshore reef, temporarily transforming the liquid they inhabit to an incandescent and colorful froth. No one knows where the hatch will occur, or exactly when, and news of this phenomenon is closely followed, and the coordinates guarded. Fishermen are a notoriously secretive breed. To ask after a location is met with a stony, Out West, or, Bay Side, helpfully narrowing things down to the million nautical miles of the Gulf of Mexico.



7 thoughts on “Worm Hunt

  1. We have a mutual friend. She said you were a hoot. How long are you going to be in Key West? I came down for a long weekend 17 years ago.
    If you like fishing and being on the water, you should learn to SCUBA dive while you are here. I can assist in this matter. Just started reading ” Do these gloves make my ass look fat?” You crack me up!

  2. Crack-whore tarpon–love it! How have I never heard of these palolo worms? Thanks for teaching me something new! Sorry you didn’t get to see them, but you did get a night cruise on the ocean (which is always cool!)

  3. I find your mind extremely sexy!!! I don’t know why exactly. I want to ask you a question, listen to you talk, hear you say something funny, laugh, stop lauging, pounce on you and then make out for like two hours! That’s my fantasy.. isn’t that pathetic? Can you tell that my last couple of dates and conversations have been with BORING WOMEN w/ bland senses of humor.
    It is quite sad actually, lol

  4. “Early bird gets the worm”…the tarpons…and the closest we can get to the “hallucinogenic” worm, is to enjoy dining on the tarpon!…

  5. Simply melifluously superlative images. Can see it, smell it, taste it. Wow. Thank you, Christina!!

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