Voice of Ox

Dyslexia afflicts a quarter of humanity. I am a member of that quarter and I am at the mercy of the misfiring synapses. Spelling, therefore, is a nightmare for me. School was pockmarked with fraught experiences with exasperated teachers. I was frequently written off as a moron (that, of course, is another story).

Unhelpfully, my first couple of decades on earth I was ferried to and from the USA and the UK. And so began a lifelong tango twixt the myriad distinctions of American English and English English, where sometimes words are spelled the same but pronounced differently and vice versa. I was deeply confused. I muddled on and learned a few rules but otherwise I have relied heavily on the gamut from moldy old dictionaries to the current luxury of electronic spell check.



5 thoughts on “Voice of Ox

  1. I enjoyed this article for two reasons; you reminded me of what a fantastic invention spell check is and memories of using multi-copies carbon paper while in the Air Force in the 80’s. Hooray for iPads!, especially if you misspell you can blame it on the pads autocorrect.

    Second is the learning of the Serbian language. My favorite memory of it was when a relative from Serbia who could not speak English decided that to speak Serbian slowly and calmly ensured the listeners comprehension, until the magical third time, resulted in a swear word commonly spoken in the dialect in and around every word. However my favorite Serbian word is Hvala! Ciau.

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