The Collectors

Marc and Lizzie will tell you they are collectors. Lizzie likes to think she has a better eye than her husband, but Marc has that dash of rash, shell tell you, Hes really a genius!

They were obsessed with things and shopped continually. Saturday mornings they were first at every yard sale. They pet and pampered and fetishized their things. They have a storage unit here in town and when they visit they cant help themselves and they are haggling over the abandoned objects available for purchase at the front desk.

In reality they are hoarders.


5 thoughts on “The Collectors

  1. I don’t know if this story was fictitious or based on actual events but whatever the case,it was riveting. I loved it! But why?!!! I have to think about it. Why?!!! because like Marc Anthony “I need to know”. I need to understand why I enjoy your writing so much because here’s the thing.. as much as I read, and I can honestly say that I read a lot, I almost never ever ever read fiction or anything approaching it. I’m a big nerd, I have an information fetish.. I love learning new stuff. Right now I’m reading “Prisnoner of the Vatican: The Popes, the Kings, and Garibaldi’s Rebels in the Struggle to Rule Modern Italy”. My favorite two ficticious books are the only two ficticious books that I can remember finishing since college,.. and these were the Alchemist, which I’ve read 4 times.. I wish book could go on forever and “The Godfather” which I’ve read twice which of course was turned into what was to become my favorite movie ever.. I have watched that movie more times than… I have no idea Christina how many times I’ve seen it and Godfather 2.. Godfather 3 SUCKED and in Eric land it never happend.. for I have come up with my own story of what happens to the family after Godfather 2.. but I digress You You You, you brillaint little writer you.. I didn’t want this story to end.. and I knew that it was going to.. And.. I never know where you’re going there is no way that I, or anyone could have predicted at the beginning of the story that baby girl was gonna end up in handcuffs. No way, So in the manner of a few paragraphs you took me all over the place. You also gave me an idea.. I WONDER IF I CAN RIDE ALONG WITH A COP.. and chances are I’m going to ask Sheriff Wade if that’s possible.. if he says no perhaps the new Chief of Police of Richmond City.. his name just so happens to end in “vic”, like I mentioned before so maybe he I can name drop my way into a conversation by asking him if his family hails from regions where your family reigns.. why, because that seems like it would be so cool.. to ride along with a cop.. why haven’t I ever thought of such a thing to just now, but I digress.. I enjoy your writing so much and this story is one of my new favorites 🙂

    And this is a long blog comment LOL!

    But I had to figure out I am such a big fan of a story that isn’t filled with history, information, or facts.. for that is most unusual.
    But I love the pleasant little journeys we take via your words, and I never know where the fuck we’re going.. never have a clue until we get there lol. Good Job Princess 😉

  2. Diabolically clever ….. rings with the tones of “to be continued.” Are they hoarders? I can’t tell. You’re not really a hoarder til you can’t see the floor ….. Stay with this: lotsa good current social themes, like the
    preoccupaton with objects at the expense of one’s relationships; the floating presence of fetishes, fixations and addictions …… Good stuff !

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