There was a time with a boyfriend they had to visit friends of his.

More like clients in an indirect way, she was never sure. The first time she met the couple it was evening and unplanned when they collided in a club. She and the boyfriend went home with the couple and a small crowd, a party like a hundred she’d reveled in before. When the hostess asked her to come with her, and a male, she got up to follow. And she would have but the boyfriend, who had been engaged in football debate, grabbed her arm, pulling her back, ‘No,’ he said, simply, and sat her down. This was uncharacteristic.

She couldn’t explain why but she had a near infinite capacity for any of those famous knock-out pills. She was shocked to discover a favorite calming pill, a mild answer for a pleasant evening, was now renamed a ‘date rape’ drug. This pill only gently muffled her sensations, creating a powder puff of blur.

Another time she and the boyfriend visited the couple it was a housewarming as they’d moved and it was necessary to pay respects, or something like that. A different house but the same atmosphere with people milling and TVs blaring. The host and hostess side by side on a sofa playing with a laptop. They beckoned her over and she complied. They offered her pills and she swallowed them. They sat her between them with the laptop on her knees, the three of them melding, physically. On the screen was a live girl naked save for socks and responding to instructions the couple were typing. 

The couple plied her with prescription pills. She took everything. She slyly watched the couple as they frowned and winked at each other in their code which was as crackable as glass. At least it was to her, especially as she was unaffected by the attempted roofie. 

The boyfriend reappeared and shaking his head he extracted her from the sofa.