Sunday Story ~ Fate Dictates©️


Something needed finishing. A loophole needed closing. It was eons in the making already. Long overdue.

Sure there’s a master plan, a matrix with all the details sorted tidily, but just as surely there are variables, there are rips in the fabric, tears made from tears.

Human suffering paid forward forcing undue pressure on the now. So it bursts, it busts, combusts. Act of God? Even for unbelievers?

The conveyor belt of souls trundles forth, pistons fire, smoke blasts, the bells ring. Except now and again there’s a pile up, there’s a strip torn from reality and other dimensions tangle together.

Two people meet. They know far too much for the little time they’ve shared. They feel drowned in good fortune. Even if only for an instant. A desert plant who sucks up rarely sprinkled life-giving raindrops.

For all their good fortune there were irrational obstacles. This made no sense to these sentient beings, they were befuddled. You have to forgive humans, they are so naïve, so easily confounded. One question and the tremulous train tumbles off its track. Needlessly.

Answer or no answer the conveyor belt trucks along. Wait if you will, worry that sore until it’s raw. It won’t make any difference to the master plan. All moving parts moving along, irrevocably.

Even if you can, in one dimension create a bottleneck, through sheer will and through time, space and then place you can rumble things. Temporarily. Don’t take the credit. You’re not the boss of you, that’s a delusion, a sales gimmick.

Two people engage, seemingly without a single logical angle. Yet a heat moves them, uses them, drives the show. There was business needed fixing, the troubles of others, or themselves, from some other plight.

Every word they spoke were feelings conveyed, in codes unknown. These two vessels got used! It had to be done. Fate thanks them for their understanding. Balm is in the cabinet, look in the mirror and meet your cool self. You’re free.