Saturday Night

Storm season gathers with steamy days of solid rain, interspersed with earsplitting lightning jags. The dusty ground is churned to swamp. The intrepid paddle their kayaks down Duval Street. So much rain fell that mushrooms, like bronzing melting marshmallows swollen in the bases of the potted plants in the garden, have emerged. And butterflies dark and large as vampire bats cling to the windows. Between their furry wings I watched the neighbor’s cooler floating down his driveway.

Finally there was a spate of dry long enough for the streets to drain and the sidewalks to pucker dry. I drove downtown and parked near Mallory Square. The first action I encountered was a swarm of cop cars, lights slashing about, nosed in and surrounding a dustup at the crossroads of Greene and Duval where a chauffeur driven stretch limousine was headfirst plowed into a red plastic electric golf cart type thing.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Night

  1. just read Bum Fishing earlier….the girl returns to apologize for calling them f’ers – hilarious, and very sapien of her

  2. Yes Mark, we are a bunch of undeserving whatnots, but it’s better than playing to an empty room (stadium?) Surely? Any case, come entertain Key West with your little Chinese acoustic blue guitar- we’ll appreciate you!

  3. Thank you!

    As I breathe in the moment, I’m drinking wine and listening to music, wishing to reach a buzz of dreams, I hear the good base guitar, it is strong and mesmerizing, it makes the band seem in a groove even though there is no one to groove with and the one I want has put me in exile. I order another wine.

  4. Hi Christina , thank you for your atmospheric and expressive writing . I’m sitting here , in London , with my little Chinese acoustic , blue guitar in my lap , it’s a very cheap ( I have a lot of classy ones ) totally beautiful , little guitar , with not much of a bottom end because I put super light-gauge strings on it ( so I can bend ’em and make snakey , shaplely phrases as well as (because they’re light strings ) funky rhythm stuff , Nile Rodgers ( out of Chic ) -style , chucka-chucka stuff . So , I’m sitting here reading your piece about walking round town , after the rain , checking out the live-music in the bars and it’s a great reminder of what an undeserving bunch of drunken scumbags an audience is .hahaha Thanks for reminding me . Back to work …

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