Princess and Countess Aurora Demidoff of San Donato

Aurora Demidoff is the mother of my grandfather HRH Prince Paul of Serbia. The instant he was born she did everything she could to give him away. When he was two he was dispatched to an uncle, permanently. Paul’s biological father, another peach, was already disinterested and long gone.

But for sure this affected young Paul, my sweet gentle grandfather, even if he never spoke about it, and never complained.

Princess and Countess Aurora Demidoff of San Donato had a fortune second largest in Russia after the Tsar. And her jewels are enough to make your eyes pucker. She had it all.

Outside her front door in St Petersburg the poor were walking to the docks and boarding ships for America.

Aurora only stared within and was generally miserable over one failed romance after another. She payed no attention to her son, or to politics and they never affected her life. She lived within a pearl. From my research she sounds like a Category 5 narcissist.

Dangerous beauty.

Aurora is Chapter 7 in my new book: DYNASTY- A TRUE STORY, the biography of my Serbian ancestors, starting with the hero of Napoleon Bonaparte

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