Imagine you nodded off in a library and next thing you knew books were skydiving off shelves, instantly metamorphosing into walking talking humans in party attire. Well this was exactly how it felt when recently I attended the joint birthdays of two literary scions at a charming house.

It was a wet dream come true to be among so many of the greatest living artists, all of them at ease and merrily celebrating. No doubt about it, I was awestruck. Allow me to namedrop shamelessly (listed alphabetically, because, really, how else?) while I attempt to recover my composure just thinking of the eminences.

Judy Blume Annie Dillard Alison Lurie Robert Stone Edmund White


10 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. “Some mendacious dumbass….” So funny, and Great I agree with Suz…’re a master of words and they’re all so vivid and illuminating! Thanks for sharing!

  2. “…the cops cackled, their belts of dangling equipment jangling like gigantic charm bracelets.” You truly are a word master! LOVE the image of books falling from shelves and transforming into the authors in the flesh. You are a visual maestro, Christina! Thank you for tickling my brain with your words. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating—you are an inspiration!

  3. Your writing’s getting better and your life more bizarre ….. at some point it doesn’t matter what “really” happened and what didn’t. Artists get free license. But its really good: the Alice-in-Wonderland library; some event loaded with the famous ….. and the donouement: held by the police under suspicion for an auto scrape you didn’t commit. Maybe you could about a movie script …… not with one grand plot, but rather a series of small vignettes, suspended on a string of time …. sort of like the way they do “Big Bang Theory.” :-))

  4. Note to self: perfect a quick’n’easy aerosol dust sprayer to market as a quick hit-and-run cover-up. Cheap insurance for those pesky narrow street encounters….

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