Party Time

I just read Levels of Life; by Julian Barnes, his latest, and I’m a fan, of sorts. However, long ago, Julian Barnes wrote a book called Staring at the Sun, about a woman and her ordinary life sliced up in cartoonishly large leaps of twenty year intervals. At the time I remember thinking it implausible, these spans leaping ahead in twenty year lumps. For a leap, that seemed improbably enormous. Ah, the myopia of youth! All these years later I clearly see the possibility of vast chunks of time sucked away into a blurry tear in Time’s fabric.


5 thoughts on “Party Time

  1. You must tell us all the gory details of your fabulous soiree. Pity all us mere Plebs who would kill to have been there, but had to contend with just pressing our fat, greasy faces up against the window.

    Always, always on the outside looking in. Arrrrrh!!!!

    We will just have to live our lives through you dear friend!


  2. Best of luck to you on your launch party! You go smear your colorful self around NYC and hurry back home to tell me all the juicy details!

  3. Great story. From your stories, I’m finding out your personality. I’m wishing you a great party. Pozdrav

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