Outta Sight

Outside a store in midtown I was patting myself with brisk efficiency yet I could not locate my eyeglasses. Amidst a surge of humankind I stood stock still and frowned as I tried hard

to recall where the heck I might have placed the specs. Adrift in contemplation it was a jolt to hear my name.

I knew the voice and it snared my attention. I swiveled and there stood Patrick, a pal of many years. Enthusiastically we embraced.

“Long time! You look fantastic!” Patrick said.

“You look terrific!” I said.

Excitedly we chatted, shared laughs. Laughing to the extent where we both heaved back and then forward at the same time, braying. This being New York City no one so much as glanced ou

r way.

“Can you tell me what time it is?” Patrick said and crumpled his shirt cuff to reveal a watch. “I don’t have my glasses with me and I can’t see a thing.”

“Same!” I said and brandished my own timepiece. “Mine is strictly decorative. My eyesight is so awful I can’t even see the hands. Plus, I’ve lost my glasses. I’m totally blind at the moment.”

“Who cares about blindness? So long as we look great!” Patrick laughed. We hugged.

I smiled after him as he melted into the fray and then I whipped around only to be confronted by my reflection in the store window. Least I thought it was me. Once again I was frisking myself in pursuit of the missing eyeglasses.


2 thoughts on “Outta Sight

  1. lol … hilarious… your sense of humor is fantastic…

    with the risks of repeating myself, have you ever consider a posibility of making your blog bilingual .. somehow I have a feeling that it could have quite a fanbase here in Serbia….

  2. We both do look good I swear, even though we can’t see!! i could feel your slim waist my dear! funny story and well put.

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