Not About Alec Baldwin

I was scheduled to get on a plane yesterday, for New York City. I was expected for dinner with a Greek tycoon, a movie producer and the actor Alec Baldwin.

All day I kept looking at the time, keeping pace with what needed doing. I should pack now, I thought and I took some teeshirts off hangers and placed them on a chair. I should buy that ticket now, I thought next. But it was not yet noon and my flight was at four o’clock, so I went for a bike ride, along the esplanade with the ravishing view of the ocean.


14 thoughts on “Not About Alec Baldwin

  1. What girl wouldn’t leap at the chance to dash off to NYC to dine with a greek tycoon, a movie producer and Alec?! The enigma that is Christina! I adore you for getting lost in a bike ride and a float in the briny sea. You so belong right here in Key West right now in your life. All the roads of your life led you here, now. How lucky I am to have been in your trajectory that fateful day at the bookstore! You never cease to amaze, my island goddess. Carpe diem!

  2. I remember being asked by a movie producer what I was doing over the weekend hiatus from filming (we were working with: Michael Caine, Courtney Cox, Rene Russo, Linda Hamilton, Jim Belushi…). Every weekend the cast through a great party for the crew, but I was tired and heading home to my cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. “I’m going to see some REAL stars,” I told him.
    “Can I come with you?” he asked.
    Of course, I was a lesbian at the time, so I declined his offer;)

  3. Whether that actually happened or you composed it doesn’t matter. You know something important about how to live life and stay in the moment ….. Yea …. follow your restless star ….. :-))

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