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Key West Citizen | 2012

It all began harmlessly enough in the auditorium of the Public Library at the debut of its “Cafe con Libros” series in the person of Christina Oxenberg. No amount of morning bucci could sufficiently ignite a wakening brain so as to keep up with the insouciant wit, piercing self-effacement and boundless optimism of this thoroughly engaging, recently arrived resident authoress.

Trouble Times 3

By Joyce R. Slater. Chicago Tribune | May 25, 1997

You know times are hard when ex-Princess Fergie is hawking cranberry juice just to make ends meet. Even those with royal connections are living hand-to-mouth. In the case of Maria Moses, the hero of a darkly funny first novel, Royal Blue (Simon & Schuster, $22), her life is couch-to-couch. It’s hell to be homeless in Manhattan, particularly when royal blood is coursing through your veins. Author Christina Oxenberg (not-so-coincidentally the daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, the sister of former “Dynasty” vixen Catherine Oxenberg)

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