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My new book is not ‘Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Serbian history or my older sister Catherine’s time on the 1980s TV show, nor even a tell-all of a curious childhood!  

Black George is the subject of my book DYNASTY – A TRUE STORY

Black George was Napoleon’s hero.


For his military genius. I can’t imagine how the news got out and reached Paris but it did. And the news was a Serb named George Petrovic, derisively called ‘Black’ George by his enemies, was giving the Ottomans an almighty headache.

He was Napoleon’s hero because George was a simple man, a farmer without pretensions, and he bucked the order of the day and took matters into his own hands. He organized weapons and rebels and he battered all hell out of the invaders and sent them packing.

George was deemed Liberator of Serbia and he was offered the title of King.

No thanks, said he and went back to his family and his farming. He didn’t want any kingdom he just wanted his life back.

Napoleon, a Corsican, became the King of France by sheer will.

George was offered a Kingdom, in his own homeland, and he declined. But George was not left free to live a life of peace. 

An ambitious fellow Serb rebel, a man named O, had designs.

O was a businessman at heart. Not a farmer, not someone to get his hands dirty. But he was shrewd.

While George was being hunted by Turks , O went to the Pasha in Constantinople and proposed a deal.

‘I want a Principality and you want George’s head?’ O laid a trap for George and George’s severed head was delivered to the Pasha. 

O’s deal had many strings attached to his agreement with the Turks. As they say in Serbia O was willing to take it up the ass to get what he wanted. 

I hope he enjoyed it. It launched a hundred year war between the rival royal families. 


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