House Gecko

It was a windy afternoon and I was securing the house when I saw the mutant lizard. The skies were gray and treetops were swishing, and there was the baby gecko, spying on me from the shadow of my monitor. I had seen him before. He was yellow and rubbery looking, like a section of ginger, except with expressive bulbous eyes. I’ve watched him scooting across the ceiling and across walls and squeezing beneath window sashes and door jams. It seemed he was looking to get out of the house. I wanted to liberate him, but how? He moved so fast, he evaded my every effort to capture him. I threw towels which landed empty on the floor.

I phoned my friend Caloosa. “Emergency!” I spoke to his voice mail, “A baby gecko is stuck indoors.” Caloosa was at home on his houseboat, sage smudging the rooms, spinning the pungent smoke around himself like a ribbon.


6 thoughts on “House Gecko

  1. first off, i prefer your spelling of Gekko. and secondly, i love your story. thank you. i totally agree the Gekko has his charm.

  2. Nice use of metaphor, well written. Perhaps you could help me tell my harrowing, redemptive ghost story.

  3. Your vivid descriptions are so lyrical that I can almost overlook what a cold-blooded murderer you are!!! You poor dear. I know that gecko has been your housemate for some time now. I hope he has a cousin who might move in….

  4. At one point, back in the 80s, I lived in Pakistan. There were Gekkos in my house — one in every room. My friends all told me Gekkos are a good thng because they eat moquitoes. That was fine with me.
    Sometime, many years before, I’d read a story about a man staying in a hotel in some exotic tropical clime. One night, coming into his room,
    he shut the door behind him and something went “plop” on the back of his neck. He startled and froze. There was a scuttling on the floor. He looked down. It was a Gekko.
    My work in Pakistan required me frequently to go out for the evening.
    After one such soiree, I returned home, unlocked the door, stepped through, closed the door and “plop! … something fell on the back of my neck. I instantly knew it was a gekko because the story had always stayed with me. Sure enough ….. a good-sized one appeared at my feet and scuttled away. I just smiled. I find them rather charming, with their suction-cups and ability to walk across ceilings. Wish we had them here in the states.

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