Radio Jockey: Today our show is honoring the English language. I invite all listeners to phone in and tell me obscure words. Hello caller you’re on the air.

Caller: I got a word for you.

Radio Jockey: Terrific. What’s your word, caller?

Caller: My word is ‘Gwon’.

Radio Jockey: Gwon. Excellent. I’ve never that word before. How do you spell it?

Caller: G W O N

Radio Jockey: Brilliant. And can you use it in a sentence for me caller?

Caller: Gwon fuck yourself. This is the worst radio program I’ve ever heard.

Radio Jockey: Sorry listeners. Our calls are not screened. We have another call. Hello caller, you’re on the air, what’s your word?

Caller: Shmee.

Radio Jockey: Shmee. That’s a good word. Please spell it.

Caller: S H M E E.

Radio Jockey: Thank you caller, and can you use the word in a sentence for me?

Caller: Shmee again, your radio show sucks balls. Gwon fuck yourself.

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