Fathers & Sons


I find my two favorite bands have something in common. Great fathers and great sons. I believe it’s no accident.

Now, overlooking the obvious that I respect them equally, and they are both phenom powerhouses way outside the sphere of the average man. But these are not average men. In both bands the frontman is a father. On second thoughts, most of the members of both bands are fathers.

But it’s the frontmen whose sons I know personally.

Regarding Xperimento, Emiliano Torres’s son Lucca is a most sparklingly engaging individual. Sure, he was born that way but it also takes nurturing. His father, whom he adores, has encouraged a drummer out of him. And I’ve seen him follow to his father’s band air-drumming with absolute precision to complicated combinations.
Later at a bar Lucca and I fell into a heavy discussion about Greek mythology, he brought it up. And another thing about this kid, is he’s never cut his hair, for which he gets bullied at school and which he tolerates. He has a plan to donate his hair for cancer victim wigs. Lucca is 8. Yeah.

With regards to TPTS led by Trae Pierce who hails from a background of music production for which he received 4 Grammys, meaning the Maestro comes credentialed in gold. Now he’s moved on to a new venture. His band. He’s writing his music and producing himself. Another one of his productions is his totally excellent son Rae. Dad’s vibe is soulful and funk. Along with a twinkle in his eye there’s gravitas enough to keep us all grounded and in his grip, happily moved under the spell of brilliance.

As for his son Ramon Darrell Pierce, aka Rae, is a wall of force, an exploding comet of energy combined with the agility of a gazelle. He sings, he dances and he too has a twinkle in his eye. It’s called love. He’s happiest making music.

Great fathers make great sons ❤︎